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Metal Fabrication In Melbourne


Transform steel into strong finished products with Wigley Engineering.

Since 1966, we have been at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication in Melbourne, providing custom solutions to businesses in Victoria & throughout Australia. From drawing & programming to welding & folding, our metal fabricators in Dandenong take care of all of your needs in-house. Whether a single run or repeated mass production, we will complete precise metal work on time and on budget. To get started, request a free quote for metal fabrication services today.

What We Do

Core metal fabrication services


55+ Years Experience

Our sheet metal fabricators have the expertise to fulfil any request. Delivering end-to-end solutions, we perform processing in-house.

ISO 9001 Certified

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our QA processes ensure superior workmanship, safety and service.

Cutting-edge Equipment

Continuously optimising our operations, we invest in the latest metal fabrication machinery for maximum efficiency.
Additions & Extras

Metal Fabrication Solutions


Save the time, stress and cost of a broken connection with the right size hole and tap for your material’s thickness. Our tapping service forms threads in the holes of a metal part to make future hardware additions simple. Using automated equipment, we offer thread tapping in mild steel, stainless, aluminium and more.


We strive to produce clean and accurate cuts, cold saws and band saws can slice through metal with ease. Our experienced metal fabricators in Melbourne perform cold and band sawing using a variety of different programmable saws. This method we believe is perfect for pipe and tube batch cutting.


Here at Wigley Engineering we are experts in creating complex curves and shapes, without sacrificing structural integrity. Suitable for all grades of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass, our metal rolling machines produce robust solutions that meet your specifications and budget.

Drill Pressing

Drill presses create holes in a variety of metals and alloys with unrivalled depth and spacing control. We use different drill presses for the metal fabrication of both small and large series of components, no matter the complexity.

Rivet Nut Setting

A rivet nut is a threaded insert that is secured into the metal to create a threaded hole. This achieves an exceptionally strong fastening with high torque-to-turn and pull-out performance. Our metal fabricators offer tubular Nutsert® and hexagonal Hexsert® setting services, applying the right fastener for a strong, durable bond.
What We Use

Materials We Work With

Metal fabrication

Any Application

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Free Quote For Metal Fabrication Services

To learn more about metal fabrication in Dandenong, please contact our Melbourne metal fabricators today. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.