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Metal Folding and Bending


Need to bend metal components with supreme precision?

Industry experts for over 55 years, Wigley Engineering is proud to provide the highest quality metal folding in Melbourne. Equipped with a versatile tooling range, our skilled operators and powerful press brakes can bend sheet metal with exceptional efficiency – ultimately reducing your overall fabrication costs. Discover press brake services for diverse applications & sectors, from agriculture & mining to construction & architecture. Request a free quote for metal forming today.

What We Offer

Metal Folding & Bending Capabilities

At Wigley Engineering, we offer metal forming services for an array of materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, zinc, copper and brass. Capable of forming steel up to 3 metres in length, our press brakes have a maximum of 320 tonnes of pressure. Combined with expert operators and premium tooling, we can fold metal into highly accurate curvatures every time.

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Why Work With Us?

Why Wigley Engineering?


Efficient Solutions

Metal parts are essential to your business, so we fold every piece on time. Our steel bending service achieves unparalleled speed and precision, producing fast, accurate and cost-effective output. Plus, we save the specifications of each job for the quick and accurate processing of repeat runs.

ISO 9001 Certified

Enjoy peace of mind in proven quality. Our superior press brakes are programmed by expert operators who draw on decades of hands-on industry experience. We deliver reliable results for metal bending jobs of any size, from subtle curves on thin alloys to strong angles on thick stainless steel.

Extensive Tooling Range

Our CNC press brake can execute an array of complex folds thanks to comprehensive tooling that eliminates the risk of contamination rust on bend lines when subjected to corrosive conditions. We can also produce any custom tooling profile to meet your sheet metal bending requirements.

Unwavering Customer Support

Our reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading sheet metal pressing specialists lies in our commitment to superior customer service. Providing all the metal pressing, welding, laser cutting and fabrication you require under one roof, we will ensure you receive the ideal structure - and advise you along the way.

Metal Folding In Melbourne

Looking for CNC press brake services near you? As an Australian-owned and operated metal fabrication company in Melbourne, we provide quick, convenient and quality metal folding services to customers across Victoria. Expect timely results that meet strict Australian Standards.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sheet metal folding, also known as metal bending, is a step in the metal fabrication process, whereby pressure is applied to a sheet of metal to bend it into its intended form. This is often a ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape.

A press brake is a machine tool designed to bend or fold sheet metal and plate material into the desired form. It forms the predetermined shape through applied pressure by clamping the item between a matching punch and die.

Typically, the press brake has two C-frame sides, with a bottom tool mounted to a table below and the top tool mounted on a moveable beam above.

Once the sheet metal is placed on top of the die, the press brake folds it by lowering a punch or several punches onto it. This process squashes and bends the metal until it is in the right shape.

To find out more about our metal pressing techniques, please contact us today.

A press brake can bend metal for a wide range of applications, including airframes, automotive panels, architectural features, machinery and metal containers. Therefore, it is used for projects of all sizes across various industries, from construction, manufacturing and defence to mining, energy and gas.

If you would like to confirm whether press brake services are suitable for your needs, please get in touch with our experts today for personalised guidance.

The time it takes to fold or bend metal depends on the press brake’s speed and force, as well as the specific material’s properties, size and thickness.

For a tailored estimate of your order’s timeframe, please contact us today.

The price of our metal folding services depends on factors such as the:

  • Order quantity;
  • Material type;
  • Complexity of parts;
  • Clarity of information supplied by the customer; and
  • Subcontractor (e.g. machining, zinc plating, powder coating or galvanising).

To receive a free quote for press brake metal forming in Melbourne, please contact our team today.

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Free Quote For Metal Folding Services

Need to form metal in Melbourne? Please contact our metal folding and bending specialists today. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.