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Metal Welding Services in Melbourne


Let us help you maximise the structural integrity of metal parts - one of the leading welding companies in Melbourne since 1966.

Today, our experienced skilled welders offer MIG, TIG and robotic welding services for a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Using world-class Kemppi welding equipment, we can take on custom jobs of any scale. Delivering superior strength and durability, our welded solutions ensure robust results for applications where quality, safety and tolerance control are crucial. To get started, request a free quote for metal welding services today.

What We Offer

Mild Steel MIG welding

MIG, or ‘metal inert gas’, welding uses a wire electrode and arc to fuse mild metals. During this manual process, a shielding gas keeps contaminating particles away from the welding area, while minimising the loss of alloying material. At Wigley Engineering, we offer MIG welding services that create a strong and consistent join quickly. Save time and money without sacrificing quality.

What We Offer

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Welding Melbourne

TIG stands for ‘tungsten inert gas’, a name derived from the Tungsten electrode used. This manual welding involves feeding long welding rods into the puddle – a slow process best suited to intricate, thinner metals. To achieve a clean bead appearance on aluminium and stainless steel, TIG welding requires a skilled operator. At Wigley Engineering, our TIG welding specialists ensure a high-quality finish free from deformation and porosity.

What We Offer

Robot Welding Services

Boost efficiency and consistency with robot welding in Melbourne. Ideal for mass production, this automatic process is best suited to medium-to-large repeated runs. At Wigley Engineering, experienced operators monitor each automated robotic welding machine. Our flexible welding robots are programmed with precise parameters to perform welds of uniform size and quantity every cycle. Rest assured knowing your weld will be completed on time, to budget and with exceptional consistency.

Why Work With Us?

Why Wigley Engineering?


Qualified Welders

At Wigley Engineering our highly-trained welders deliver excellent workmanship every time. Equipped with over 55 years of experience, we understand how to navigate the welding procedure to ensure consistency, quality and efficiency - no matter the requirements.

Consistent Quality

As an ISO 9001-certified business, our team abides by the highest standards of quality and safety in everything we do. And welding is no exception. Independently audited on an ongoing basis, we utilise the most advanced equipment and processes to remain at the forefront of our trade.

Solid Customer Support

Your satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering steadfast customer service at every stage of your welding project. From design through to completion, our experienced welders are happy to assist and advise you whenever needed.

Local Welding Services

Proud to be Australian-owned and operated, Wigley Engineering provides comprehensive welding services right here in Melbourne. Offering integrated solutions for total convenience, we also perform metal laser cutting, folding and metal fabrication in-house.
Helping You

Frequently Asked Questions

Welding is the process of joining two or more metal parts. During welding, the metals are melted and extra molten material is added to form a strong joint when the materials cool. As a result of this fusion, the metals form one component without compromising on strength or durability.

Welded metals remain rigid and robust in a variety of applications and industries, from aviation and auto mechanics to infrastructure construction.

To learn more about custom welding with Wigley Engineering, please contact our expert welders today.

The core distinction between MIG and TIG welding is their speed. In MIG welding, a spool of welding wire is fed quickly into the metal joint, whereas TIG welding involves feeding welding rods slowly into the weld.

As MIG welding involves the use of a filler material, it is usually chosen for thick, heavy-duty metals. In contrast, TIG welding demands greater skill and precision to create a clean weld. It tends to be employed for complex, low-power projects on thin metals.

At Wigley Engineering, our experienced specialists are available to advise you on the most appropriate welding technique for your requirements. To receive a free quote, please contact our team today.

Yes. You can weld stainless steel to mild steel. With appropriate equipment, temperatures, and filler material, it is possible to produce a strong weld that stands the test of time.

To learn more about welding stainless steel and mild steel, please contact our team.

Aluminium and steel should not be welded directly together, as they have very different metallurgical and physical properties.

However, our welders can use a bimetallic transition insert to weld aluminium to steel for structural applications. The result is just as strong as an aluminium-to-aluminium or steel-to-steel weld.

To learn more about our approach to welding aluminium and steel, please contact our team.

Yes, galvanised steel can be welded if prepared properly and performed by a skilled welder. Otherwise, this process poses health risks associated with welding fumes and lead exposure.

To ensure safe and strong results, the zinc coating must be removed from the area to be welded. If this is not possible, a filler material should be used on any zinc-coated section.

To learn more about welding galvanised steel, please contact our team.

Yes, brass can be welded to steel. However, as these two materials have different melting temperatures, they must be joined using a gas-shielded arc process such as MIG or TIG welding.

At Wigley Engineering, our welders are highly skilled in these manual welding techniques. To learn more about welding brass to steel, please contact our team.

There is no set price for metal welding, as the cost varies according to factors such as the:

  • Quantity of material being welded;
  • Type of material being welded;
  • Complexity of parts;
  • Clarity of information received from the customer; and
  • Subcontractor (e.g. machining, zinc plating, powder coating or galvanising).

To receive a complimentary quote for mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium welding services in Melbourne, please contact us today.

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For more information on our metal welding services in Melbourne, please contact us today. A member of our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.